power factor

Power Factor and Your Facility

Power Factor is a measured percentage of how efficient electricity supplied to your motors and facility is being utilized. Low power factor yields wasted energy (kW) resulting from voltage inconsistency, overheating, and performance reduction in cables and motors. The end result is greater energy (kW) demand and operating expense, premature system failure, decreased productivity and profit.

KVAR Energy Controllers (KVAR EC®)

KVAR Energy Controllers (KVAR EC®) are the only technology on the market capable of delivering at load motor optimization, affording real time measurement and verification of energy (kW) and carbon reduction. In many cases, KVAR EC® is the only legitimate remaining solution for further conservation after implementation of mainstream efficiency measures.

KVAR EC® is custom engineered for both new and existing single-phase and three-phase motors 25 horsepower and greater, operating on 600 volts and below. Motors maintaining extended operational shifts at full capacity yield the greatest savings and return, complementing existing and future energy conservation and sustainability measures.


KVAR EC® optimized motors run cooler and more efficiently, immediately improving bottom line and cash flow through reduced motor service, maintenance and downtime costs, with extended motor operating life before replacement. Additional benefits:

– 2% to 6%+ minimum energy (kW) reduction per motor installed, validated prior to purchase
– 1 to 2 year typical payback
– reduced electrical system losses with improved capacity
– qualifies for State Incentives up to 75% of project cost
– contributes to Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Turnkey KVAR EC® solutions seamlessly integrate into building automation systems, improve demand response and renewable incentives, while reducing cost and scope of these implementations.

Technology and Sizing Methodology

KVAR EC® patented technology configures real time field data into a custom engineered solution designed to immediately optimize individual motor efficiency, productivity and longevity.

The proprietary Sizing Methodology begins with a KVAR EC® Certified Electrician conducting real time power quality analysis, recording baseline energy (kW) demand and power characteristics of the individual load under multiple operating cycles.

Introducing the patented sizing apparatus and sequentially applying multiple power configurations to the load pinpoints and records measured energy (kW) reduction variables, within harmonic guidelines and in accordance to Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers protocol (IEEE). The real time optimization specifications observed are then incorporated into manufacturing the custom engineered unit.

KVAR EC® installation maintains strict accordance to Article 460 of the National Electrical Code and IEEE Power Quality Standards.

Measurement & Verification 

Because KVAR EC® qualifies for State Incentives, stringent measurement and verification protocol in conjunction with comprehensive utility rate / tariff analysis, insure a successful project and attractive return, prior to purchase.

KVAR Technicians quantify and record savings identified during the sizing procedure in compliance to International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and State Clean Energy Program Incentive guidelines.

Comprehensive savings verification is confirmed on site by installing a power quality meter on the operating motor to study the power characteristics both prior to and after KVAR EC® implementation.

Consecutive baseline and post installation data logging further validate and insure projected savings.